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Lost and Found Office

Alberto Hernández

Tel: +52 998 848 7200 ext 21253

The Lost & Found Department at Cancun International Airport is managed by the Security Office, which operates separately from the airport with its own distinct policies and procedures. Due to stringent security measures, the Security Office maintains strict protocols.

Items found within the airport are processed by the Security Office and are often handed in by passengers, airport staff, or security officers. However, it's important to note that not all lost items are turned in; sometimes, individuals may keep found items. All airport employees undergo thorough searches and screenings at the end of their shifts to prevent the removal of found items from the premises.

Please be aware that the Security Office does not handle issues related to luggage left inside airplanes. Such concerns are managed solely by the respective airlines' personnel. For missing or damaged luggage, contact your airline directly to file a complaint, as the airport is unable to assist with these claims.

To claim a lost or forgotten item from the Lost & Found Office, you must contact them directly via phone or in person; claims cannot be processed via email. If you need to claim an item, please use the following contact details: