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The Mexican Peso serves as the official currency. As of now, one American Dollar is approximately equivalent to 17 Mexican Pesos, although this value may vary due to market fluctuations. Below is a table displaying the current exchange rates between the American Dollar and the Mexican Peso, Euro, and Canadian Dollar.


Where can I find currency exchange counters at Cancun Airport?

Currency exchange counters are available in all terminals at Cancun Airport. They are typically located near the arrivals area, easily accessible right after you pass through customs.

What are the operating hours for currency exchange counters?

Most currency exchange counters at Cancun Airport are open to align with flight schedules, generally operating from early morning until the last flight of the night, ensuring services are available for all arriving and departing passengers.

What currencies can I exchange at the airport?

At Cancun Airport, you can exchange major currencies such as US Dollars, Euros, Canadian Dollars, and British Pounds. It's always a good idea to check availability for other currencies if needed.

What are the exchange rates at Cancun Airport?

Exchange rates at the airport can vary and might not be as favorable as those found at banks or currency exchange offices in the city. Rates are posted daily at each counter, reflecting current market conditions.

Do I need to provide any identification for currency exchange?

Yes, you will need to provide a valid government-issued ID, such as a passport, to complete any currency exchange transactions at the airport.

Is it better to exchange currency at the airport or elsewhere?

While exchanging currency at the airport is convenient, you might find better rates at banks or dedicated currency exchange offices in downtown Cancun or other parts of the city.

Are there any fees or commissions for currency exchange at the airport?

Yes, currency exchange counters at the airport often charge a service fee or commission. These fees can vary by counter, so it's worth comparing rates and fees at different counters within the airport.

How much cash should I exchange upon arrival?

It's advisable to exchange only enough cash to cover immediate expenses such as transportation from the airport, tips, and small purchases. You can exchange more money later if needed, potentially at better rates outside the airport.

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Rates 20 Jul 2024

US dollar Exchange Rates 1 USD =
Euro 0.919
Mexican Peso 17.9998
Argentine Peso 926.75
Brazilian Real 5.5488
Canadian Dollar 1.3719
Chilean Peso 940.5852
Colombian Peso 3998.5364
Hong Kong Dollar 7.8098
New Zealand Dollar 1.6631
Russian Ruble 87.9249
Bitcoin 0.00001502381274319797