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Arrival and Departure Instructions

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All you need to know before arriving in Cancun


Departure Instructions

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When traveling through Cancun International Airport (CUN), it's helpful to know the key instructions and tips for both arrivals and departures to ensure a smooth experience:

Arrival and Departure Instructions

Arrival Instructions at Cancun Airport

1. Immigration and Customs

Upon arrival, you'll first go through immigration. Have your passport and any necessary visas ready. Tourists usually need to fill out a Tourist Card (FMM), which is often provided on the flight

After immigration, collect your baggage and proceed to customs. You may be asked to press a button that triggers a green light (no inspection) or a red light (baggage check).

2. Transportation from the Airport:

Cancun Airport offers several transportation options including taxis, private transfers, and shuttle services. It’s advisable to book these services in advance.

If you're planning to rent a car, several rental agencies have desks inside the airport. Ensure all insurance requirements are understood and met.

3. Currency Exchange:

You might find currency exchange counters at the airport, but they often offer less favorable rates. ATMs are available for withdrawing local currency (Mexican Pesos), which may offer better rates.

General Tips

Following these tips can help make your arrival and departure from Cancun as pleasant and trouble-free as possible