Cancun Airport Customs

After picking up your luggage, you will head towards customs, where you will find green and red lights that change color randomly. The green light allows you to pass through directly, while the red light indicates that you must stop for a baggage check. Make sure you have all your documents ready to facilitate the process.

Customs staff is responsible for classifying and verifying goods entering the country from abroad, ensuring compliance with value-added tax laws, as well as general import and export tax regulations, among others.


You will need to bring your personal documents and identification with you.

The office is committed to providing quality service to all visitors, regardless of gender, color, nationality, or religion. Mexican Customs seeks to easily establish a responsible, efficient, and honest service to guarantee a transparent and reliable customs process.

Mexican consulate available


  • Valid passport
  • Visa (for countries that require it)
  • General declaration (departure, arrival, crew, and passenger information)
  • Immigration form (1 for each passenger)

Customs requirements

  • Each passenger or caregiver must submit a customs declaration.
  • Random checks of passengers' luggage are carried out.
  • Customs officers will later return passengers' luggage.